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The sector of education is as important as any sector and sets the roots of development for a country. Therefore it has become equally important to ensure efficient working of the various institutions and their safety and security. Institutional management usually employ numerous vendors to carry out tasks like CCTV installation and maintainence, attendence of teachers and students, fire alarms etc. and end up in tiresome communication for maintainence. What you want is a single vendor to carry out all such tasks.

iAM, Integrated Active Monitoring  is a smart solution for educational institutions like colleges, school and different educational campuses that includes an array of services in the alarm and security spaces such as theft and intrusion detection, Fire alarm monitoring, CCTV surveillance monitoring, power consumption monitoring, access control .etc. In addition, we provide QRT services i.e. Quick Response Team for emergency and panic situations that include a callout to the Fire station, Police station, Medical subsidiaries etc.

Challenges faced by the Education sector (Why you need a Monitoring service?)

  • Identifying unautorized access into the institution premises.
  • Fire alarms are installed but there is no guarentee on whether or not they will work.
  • There is no one to keep constant eye on CCTV footage and report incidents immediately.
  • Ensuring lectures start on sharp times and presence of all students throughout the day(in case student bunk during school hours).
  • Keeping an eye on student safety during recess time.
  • Keeping an eye on students so that they do not enter unauthorized areas of the campus.


How iAM will help you?

  • 24x7 Monitoring done by Experts at dedicated Central Monitoring System(CMS)
  • Email and SMS integration for updates and analysis.
  • The QUICK RESPONSE TEAM (QRT) takes immediate action by calling the nearest police station or fire station in case of a situation.
  • Health check of systems like CCTV, fire alarm, diesel generators, DVRs.
  • Facility of a mobile app and cloud systems for convenience.
  • State of the art biometric access control systems and expert report generation.
  • Regular reports generated on power consumption and integrated systems installed to avoid wastage of energy.
  • Solutions for probable areas where student are likely to smoke, bully, fight or sneak off the campus.

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