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We all are very particular when it comes to the safety and security of ourselves. We consider our houses the safest place to live in but are they really safe and secure as we want them be. The truth is that managing housing society is a tough job considering the challenges like managing watchmen, keeping an eye on the efficiency of the housekeeping staff, ensuring the working conditions of different systems like CCTV cameras, fire alarm.etc, communication with different vendors to keep the premise safe and secure.

iAM, Integrated Active Monitoring  is a smart solution for housing societies that includes an array of services in the alarm and security spaces such as theft detection, Fire detection, CCTV surveillance monitoring, Energy monitoring etc. In addition, we provide QRT services i.e. Quick Response Time for emergency and panic situations that include a callout to the Fire station, Police station, Medical subsidiaries etc.

Our experts keep a constant eye on the society premises to ensure the safety and security of the people and also ensure you a smooth and efficient management of your society.


Challenges faced by housing societies (Why you need a Monitoring service?)

  • CCTV cameras not working and therefore no records of events available.
  • Alternative power sources such as diesel generator not always in working condition.
  • Checking Water level in overhead storage tanks.
  • Identifying Unauthorized Access.
  • Ensuring the working efficiency of housekeeping staff on regular basis.
  • Unidentified access inside the society premises.
  • Keeping an eye on patrolling of guards especially during the night-time.
  • Management of parking spaces and detection of non- member vehicles.
  • No guarentee of systems like fire alarm, smoke detectors etc. are in working condition or not.

How iAM will help you?

  • 24x7 Monitoring done by Experts.
  • The QUICK RESPONSE TEAM (QRT) takes immediate action on detecting theft or fire and contacts the nearest police station or fire station.
  • Health check of systems like CCTV, fire alarm, diesel generators, DVRs.
  • Updates and reports on watchmen and housekeeping staff sent via SMS.
  • Ticket management system to track all incident evidences and records.
  • Keeping a check on water levels.
  • Panic alarms can be generated by using panic switches in lobby areas.
  • Web based software for ticket management and report generation and desktop for CCTV camera and event monitoring.
  • Event based alarm monitoring technology.
  • Facility of a mobile app and cloud systems for convenience.
  • Email and SMS integration for updates and analysis

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