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Telecommunication industry has been blooming because of increasing number of mobile towers across the country. These towers are mostly based in remote locations and are vulnerable to mishaps. Operators need to employ numerous vendors for CCTVs, fire alarms, access control systems, power consumption management etc. What you nees is a single vendor all these jobs son that there is no tiresome comminucation and the towers work efficiently.

iAM, Integrated Active Monitoring is a smart solution for banks and ATMs that includes an array of services in the alarm and security spaces such as theft and intrusion detection, Fire alarm monitoring, CCTV surveillance monitoring, power consumption monitoring, access control .etc. In addition, we provide QRT services i.e. Quick Response Team for emergency and panic situations that include a callout to the Fire station, Police station, Medical subsidiaries etc.

Challenges faced by Telecom Industry (Why you need a Monitoring service?)

  • CCTV system are installed but no one to maintain and monitor continously leading to huge losses at times.
  • No one to keep check on cleanliness of premise as they are based in remote locations.
  • No guarentee of systems like fire alarm, smoke detectors etc. are in working condition or not.
  • Health checkup of diesel generators not done regularly.
  • Identification of unauthorized personnel in the towers.
  • Dealing with theft of diesel from the generators.
  • Managing multiple vendors which leads to tiresome communication and irritation.
  • Management of power sources and ensuring their efficient usage to avoid power wastage.

Services : Safety & Security


How iAM will help you?

  • 24x7 Monitoring done by Experts at dedicated Central Monitoring System(CMS)
  • Email and SMS integration for updates and analysis.
  • Customized report generation and action plan creation for each event.
  • The QUICK RESPONSE TEAM (QRT) takes immediate action on detecting theft or fire and contacts the nearest police station or fire station.
  • Health check of systems like CCTV, fire alarm, diesel generators, DVRs.
  • State of the art biometric access control systems and expert report generation.
  • Regular reports generated on power consumption and integrated systems installed to avoid wastage of energy.
  • Integrated mobile app and cloud systems for convenience.