iAM | Warehouse

Warehouses face a number of safety and operational challenges that create increased load of checks on your security system daily. Warehouses hold a large volume of products with significant monetary value. A secured and efficient warehouse is what you need to help your business bloom. You need a system that will guard you against intrusions, fire, power wastage and the unnecessary issues that tamper business efficiency. We have a brilliant solution for you!!

iAM, Integrated Active Monitoring  is a smart solution for Warehouses that includes an array of services in the alarm and security spaces such as Intrusion alarm monitoring, Fire alarm monitoring, CCTV surveillance monitoring, Energy monitoring etc. In addition, we provide QRT services i.e. Quick Response Team for emergency and panic situations that include a callout to the Fire station, Police station, Medical subsidiaries etc.

Our experts analyze your warehouses and then install the right security systems in place to protect your people, inventory, cargo and profits along with 24/7 monitoring.

Challenges faced at Warehouses (Why you need a Monitoring service?)

  • Businesses have started growing by opening Outlets at multiple locations; this has created new challenges like –
  • Warehouse and storage facilities are extremely vulnerable to theft.
  • Storage of valuable inventory, sophisticated process flows, inventory controls, multiple storage zones and access controls.
  • Identifying Unauthorized Access.
  • Dispersed warehouse locations.
  • Security staff not being alert at all times.
  • Staff Behavior Monitoring – as improper handling of storage leads to product damage.
  • Systems failures – CCTV, Fire alarm, Intrusion systems are installed but are not in working conditions.

How iAM will help you?

  • 24x7 Monitoring done by Experts.
  • The QUICK RESPONSE TEAM (QRT) takes immediate action on detecting theft or fire and contacts the nearest police station or fire station.
  • Email and SMS integration for updates and analysis.
  • Ticket management system to track all incident evidences and records.
  • Customized report generation and action plan creation for each event.
  • Web based software for ticket management and report generation and desktop for CCTV camera and event monitoring.
  • Event based alarm monitoring technology.
  • Regular reports generated on power consumption and integrated systems installed to avoid wastage of energy.
  • State of the art biometric access control systems and expert report generation.
  • Facility of a mobile app and cloud systems for convenience.