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CCTV Monitoring

CCTV is a critical security component for all facilities. Video Surveillance helps identify security incidents and take actions.

It is observed that most of the places CCTV is installed, however not efficiently monitored. When required, most likely footage is not available because DVR/ NVR not powered or HDD failed Besides other reasons like Camera position is changed, camera masked or not working.

This can be taken care with iAM 24 x 7 CCTV monitoring services.

24*7 Centralised monitoring system with expert team along with Intrusion system provides following monitoring services:

  • Event based Video surveillance.
  • Night time CCTV monitoring
  • Evidence support with Event based image and video storage on Cloud
  • Pattern Analysis for Proactive actions
  • CCTV Alarm and break down monitoring:
    • CCTV Camera status,
    • Camera Mask,
    • Camera position shift
  • DVR/ NVR status and recording checks.
  • CCTV system AMC management.
  • Weekly /Monthly MIS reports for analysis and actions.