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Community Camera Monitoring

Sakinaka and Mulund

Today, urban area face a wide range of threats ranging from small theft like chain snatching, vehicle theft to big thefts like robbery and not only theft but other big security issues like terrorism and kidnapping, rape and murder. To reduce these threats police department cannot provide full solution by just deploying police at each and every location. However if community and technology start working together these threats can be reduced.

Today CCTV can play a role of third eye and can keep real-time track on movement of personal.  CCTV provides day-to-day surveillance, crime prevention and monitoring of illegal or suspicious activities. In addition to close supervision, CCTV cameras allow post-incident analysis and collection of indisputable legal evidence.

Community CCTV monitoring effort taken by iAM can help police department to get access to community CCTV camera. iAM provides following solution for community camera monitoring.

  • Identification of CCTV Camera
  • Geo mapping of camera
  • Making CCTV feed available at local police station.
  • Provides Command control centre at Police station.
  • Create awareness in community and encourage to participate in this program.
  • Standardization of CCTV Camera system so it is easy for monitoring.
  • CCTV Camera alarm and health monitoring to keep camera always working.
  • Installation, Repair and maintenance to keep camera live.
  • Panic button to activation of alarm in case of panic situation.

iAM has already launched this program in Mumbai at following locations:

Sakinaka , Andheri, Mumbai

Contact number:

Mulund Mumbai

Contact number: