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Employee Attendance Services

Employee efficiency management needs effective employee attendance. Biometric based attendance system helps capture employee attendance on daily basis. This information is used to generate employee attendance report for daily, weekly and monthly basis.

iAM employee attendance services consists cloud connected biometric device which sends attendance data in real-time to iAM attendance cloud. All reports generated automatically and no need to keep separate HR for managing attendance tracking.

Take iAM attendance services and get control over your employee attendance and increase efficiency of employee.

iAM provides following services:

  • Employee information feed in attendance software.
  • On call leave entry and management.
  • Daily report generation
  • Monthly report generation for payroll.
  • Biometric device health monitoring.
  • Multi location attendance data consolidation and reporting.
  • Email/ SMS support.
  • Employee enrolment support.
  • Mobile app for travelling employee.
  • Traveling employee location and attendance management