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Energy Monitoring

When speaking about energy saving and increasing energy efficiency the first thought goes to more efficient loads, such as LED lighting, variable speed drives or high efficiency motors. Some people may think about reducing the usage of existing loads. However, the experience, as demonstrated in many publications, shows that in order to achieve sustainable energy reduction results, energy monitoring is a must.

Energy saving needs effective energy monitoring. Energy monitoring involves connectivity of energy meter to IoT based hardware which sends all energy data to cloud hosted software. Where different rules are run to get alerts to take decision for energy saving.

Energy monitoring services involves:

  • Energy monitoring
  • Voltage, Current, Power factory, Active power monitoring
  • Daily, Weekly and monthly energy reporting
  • Time based power consumption alerts
  • DG monitoring.
  • UPS monitoring.
  • AC and Lighting control
  • Time based Hording light control.
  • Energy audits.