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Retail Analytics and Automation

Retail industry is going through tremendous change because of online retail. Online retail has methods to know each and every information of customer and use this for selling products while  off-line Brick and Mortar retails lacks on this account. To get customer information in off line Retail , Camera based retail analytics plays big role.

An effective promotion determines the success of a product and at the same time would bring more sales for the store. So, it becomes very important to place them in the right place and at the right time since promotions only have a limited time for achieving success. Your store needs smarter ways to assess the performance of your promotions.

Video Management Software along with video analytics can help you in assessing your promotional strategies and make necessary changes to improve its performance. This analytics will not only help you position your promotions, but also help you in improvising marketing strategies, measure performance of each aisle and also product placements